Black Dog Institute's social connection challenge

#14DaysYourWay is Black Dog Institute's social connection challenge.

You have selected the Dance Your Way challenge! Groovy move. For 14 days we will take you on a movement adventure to test and flex your coordination and rhythm.

Choose one of the two challenges below. Dance your own way or join Lou in her Femflex challenge.

Learn 14 iconic dances

Register your Challenge to receive an iconic dance to learn in your email inbox each day for 14 days.

  • Check your emails daily to receive your routine. The dance routines range from 30 seconds to a minute, so you will have time to master those moves on your lunch break or at home.
  • Film your dance and share it on your Facebook/Instagram each day with the hashtag #14DaysYourWay and a link to your fundraising page, so that your loved ones can support your Challenge. Donations to your challenge will help Black Dog Institute reach more people across Australia with remotely-accessible mental health tools so that together we can create a mentally healthier world.
  • Want to take it to the next level? Ask someone you live with to learn it with you or record the dance on a video chat with friends or family from wherever they are!

Challenge yourself to learn and share these moves with your community and stay connected. 

Register now and keep an eye on your email inbox for some of the Black Dog Institute's favorite steps.



Meet Your Dance Teacher 

Lou P Scarlett 

"My name is Lou P Scarlett and over the next 14 days I am going to teach you a unique dance routine.

Now, remember, we have 14 days together, there will be some steps that are a bit more challenging than others and for each person, different moves will come more naturally.

I want you to approach this with an openness and a willingness to try new steps, explore the unfamiliar, be silliness, be sexy, be sassy and EXPAND your dance abilities."

For the next 14 days, Lou will be your very own dance instructor.  She has choreographed a dance just for us! No dance experience? No worries! The beauty of this virtual class, is that you can move and learn at your own pace.  


How your #14DaysYourWay challenge supports mental health

By taking on this challenge, you are improving the lives of people impacted by social isolation, mental illness and suicide.

Doing this helps Black Dog Institute make mental health tools remotely accessible across Australia for anyone experiencing mental health challenges during this time, including Australians experiencing physical isolation.

Your fundraising can help save lives through: 

Need some more motivation to strut your stuff?

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