#14DaysYourWay is Black Dog Institute's social connection challenge.

Let's get physical, PHYSICAL! We know that exercise is a great way to help improve mental health, so keep your body moving by exercising your mood for mental health.

Whether you’re working from home, off work or just keepin’ on keepin’ on, sign up to our physical challenge and get your very own virtual personal trainer for 14 days.

This challenge is all about realistic changes you could make to your daily routine to reduce inactive behavior and/or increase physical activity.

Even if you’re physically distancing, you can do this challenge with your friends. Sign up for 14 days and test yourself! This is all about staying connected so get your sweat on with your mates – wherever you might be!

Meet Your Personal Trainer, Jemma!

Jemma is an Exercise Physiologist and Personal Trainer from Bronte, NSW. She will be guiding you through Black Dog Insitute's #14DaysYourWay Physical Challenge. Jemma has put together 14 days of exercise for you to complete from the comfort of your own home or a park; with little to no equipment needed. You'll get easy written explanations every day making following along super easy.

Good luck, and enjoy getting fitter, stronger and moving your body in new ways


How your #14DaysYourWay challenge supports mental health

At Black Dog Institute, we have developed mental health tools which can be accessed remotely by anyone experiencing mental health challenges during this time, including Australians undergoing physical isolation or quarantine.

We have a range of accessible online mental health resources available for anyone who may be experiencing mental health challenges, some of which can even deliver personalised treatments to address symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression entirely online.

As a Black Dog Institute supporter, you're enabling us to develop, maintain and improve upon these practical, science-based mental health innovations at this crucial time. Every dollar raised by your Challenge will help us reach more people who need a little extra mental health support, where and when they need it most.

(As you progress through your #14DaysYourWay Physical Challenge you will notice some muscle soreness. This is all part of building strength. **Please do seek medical advice if you are injured or have any pre-existing health conditions that may require doctors clearance before you exercise**)