Did you know that one of the main reasons people donate to charity is simply because they were asked?

Please see our tips and tools below to help you get you on your way.

Fundraising Toolkit

Download the below Fundraising Toolkit which has a HUGE number of ideas to get you started. There are loads of tips and ideas, basically, everything you need to help get you on your fundraising way for Black Dog Institute. 

Black Dog Institute Fundraising Toolkit

Black Dog Institute Fundraising Toolkit


Online Tips

Here are some super savvy tips to help you boost your dollars with various online fundraising ideas.

Online Fundraising Tips

Online Fundraising Tips


Physical tools

Nike Training Club

These workouts have been designed by the Nike Master Trainers, who offer video guidance via the app. Workouts are designed for all fitness levels and heaps are body weight-only, so you don't need at-home equipment, either.

Download the free Nike Training Club app for iOS or Android.

Yoga with Adriene

Her chilled-out and calming disposition make her one of the best online yogis out there. And she has a lot of videos up, with more to come, too — so you won't run out of workouts anytime soon.

Her classes are also much more specialised than your average hatha, with videos themed around yoga for almost anything and anyone. 

Check out all of Yoga with Adriene's videos on her YouTube channel.

The Fitness Marshall

They're more dance classes than workouts, and you'll be grooving along to pop songs. Think Work by Rhianna, Truth Hurts by Lizzo and Womanizer by Britney Spears. 

And most of his videos are only the length of one song (three–four minutes long), so you can even dance along as part of a quick five-minute break.

Check out all of The Fitness Marshall's videos on his YouTube channel.

Creative Tools

The Kitchn’s Cooking School

If you’re just starting out and some of these cooking classes are daunting, don’t worry, the Kitchn’s Cooking School is for you. These classes show you the basics of cooking and apply it to easy dishes that are delicious. You’ll be feasting in no time!

Explore Kitchn's Cooking School here

How to draw: The best drawing tutorials

If you want to learn how to draw, this is the guide created by Creative Bloq. This post has tutorials guaranteed to sharpen up the skills of artists, and budding artists, of all levels and abilities. We've gathered together an extensive collection of how to draw tutorials, covering everything from parts of the human body to animals, flowers and the environment. 

Check out the amazing tutorials here

Dance Tools

Best Dance Tutorial Videos

Here's a wonderful list of Dance tutorials by City Academy to spark your dancing journey.

They provide a list of the best dance tutorial videos on YouTube to watch to learn techniques, the latest music video choreography, and some old classics!

The tutorials are grouped into three categories depending on if you prefer to learn full routines, some quick dance moves to impress, or technique and specific steps. 

Get learning at City Academy here

Queensland Ballet Dance Classes

Join Queensland Ballet's free online dance and fitness classes supported by Suncorp. New releases include open and seniors centre practice, deep stretch, dance for Parkinson’s and a bonus fitness class with Company Artist, Lou Spichtig.

Take a class now at queenslandballet.com.au/dance-classes