Black Dog Institute's virtual social connection challenge

While many of us are heading indoors, it is important that we keep mentally and physically active while staying connected with our friends and family.

So we are challenging you to create a virtual challenge over 14 days that gets your mind and body moving for all your friends to see (at a safe, physical distance).

Choose your challenge, step up, stay connected and support mental health research!

Step 1.

Choose Your Challenge

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Create Your Profile

Step 3.

Share and Stay Connected

Ways to Get Involved

Dance Your Way

Get your Queen Bey on and strut to single ladies one day, master the most iconic Dirty Dancing routine the next! This challenge will transform your dancing skills from basic bedroom antics to becoming a Broadway superstar. Invite your friends and share them on your socials!

Sometimes you gotta go your own way. Create your own dance routine and invite friends to learn it over a 14 day period.

Bust a move and get groovy any way you want. Soon you will have your own virtual dance troupe.


Get Physical Your Way

Whether you’re working from home, off work or just keepin’ on keepin’ on, sign up to our physical challenge and get your very own virtual personal trainer for 14 days.

This challenge is all about realistic changes you could make to your daily routine to reduce inactive behavior and/or increase physical activity.

Even if you’re physically distancing, you can do this challenge with your friends. Sign up for 14 days and test yourself! This is all about staying connected so get your sweat on with your mates – wherever you might be!


Create Your Way

Are you looking for something fun to do from the comfort of your own home? Challenge yourself to learn a new skill or hone an existing one by joining Team Black Dog in the 14 Day Create Your Way Challenge.

Think of something that’s fun for you to create or learn, that expresses who you are and that you can feel proud of achieving. This is a unique way to keep yourself motivated at home.

Stay socially connected by sharing the challenge with your friends - they’ll be eager to see what you create each day!



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