The 21.1km half marathon walk is the ONLY night time walking half marathon in Sydney! Starting and finishing at the Exercise Your Mood Walk village at Fig Grove, this is a unique and fun event that will fund vital mental health education programs for the Black Dog Institute.

Fig Grove, our start and end point, is a living memory of the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games, with nearly 100,000 pavers engraved with the names of thousands of athletes, spectators, supporters and sponsors.

Winding its way around iconic stadiums that host some of Australia’s biggest events, the Exercise Your Mood Walk trail will also take you through the peaceful and leafy Bicentennial Gardens, where you may encounter nocturnal wildlife and hear the hum of rare frog species. You’ll also visit Treillage Tower and its many fountains.

You’ll visit Cathy Freeman Park, home of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Cauldron. The Cauldron stands on 24 stainless steel columns, with a ten-metre curtain of water falling from its edge. Marvel at the pathway of lights, called The Stride, which represents the extraordinary strides of Cathy Freeman’s gold medal winning run.

Walking the course, with like-minded people, will provide the opportunity to start up a conversation about mental health. Walking side by side, under the stars, will be a safe place to break down the barriers of stigma and misunderstanding surrounding mental illness, while sharing stories of courage and hope.

On reaching the finish line, you will be warmly welcomed and congratulated by wonderful volunteers and team members, and you’ll have the satisfaction of completing the walk and knowing you are helping others.