Where the money goes


Research into suicide prevention and clinical treatment.

Expand our education programs throughout metropolitan and regional Australia.

Diagnose mood disorders accurately and early.

Your generous support will help to:

  • Deliver mental health training workshops to GPs, mental health nurses, Indigenous health workers, psychologist and other allied health professionals so that they can accurately diagnose, treat and manage their patients with mental illness and suicidal thoughts.
  • Continue to develop and deliver up-to-date and best practice mental health resources for consumers and carers to access throughout Australia.
  • Expand our network of volunteer lived experience presenters, and train them to effectively deliver mental health literacy and awareness programs to their communities, in particular in those parts of the country where access to help and resources may be limited.
  • Continue to build our youth-based education programs and help us to roll them out in Australian high schools nationally.

Outcomes of these programs

  • More health professionals trained in mental health and more effectively treating their patients with symptoms of poor mental health.
  • Increased understanding in the community about mental health issues, illnesses, signs and symptoms.
  • Reduced stigma toward mental health in the community, encouraging people to share their feelings and talk about mental health issues.
  • Increased levels of help seeking among communities and in particular in young people.
  • Increased access to information and resources about mental health and wellbeing.
  • Lower rates of depression and anxiety in the community.
  • Ultimately, prevention of the development of serious, life-limiting mental illness in young people.