Mullets For
Mental HealthTM

How your mullet helps

At Black Dog Institute, we stand for a mentally healthier world. We are proud to be the only medical research institute in Australia that works to reduce mental illness and suicide for adults and young people alike. Unlike some other NGOs which are government-funded, all our work is funded competitively, either through grants, fee-for service income or generous donations like yours.

Our research is informed by people with lived experience of mental illness and suicidal thinking/behaviour to create maximum impact, both now and in the future. Our Mullets for Mental Health community are helping us turn these ideas into reality for those who need them most. Here are just a few of the ways they’ve made a difference:

Community & School Programs

In response to COVID-19, rapidly adapting our free community and school programs into digital workshops and webinars and supporting their ongoing delivery. This has already enabled us to double our reach compared to the same time last year.

The Future Proofing Study

Expanding our landmark Future Proofing trial which aims to reduce the onset of depression in teenagers using smartphone technologies. The expanded trial is currently underway across NSW, WA and QLD with around 7000 students participating.

Your fundraising has helped support our Under the Radar research, to better understand why some people who have thoughts of ending their life aren’t receiving help, and uncover better ways of reaching and supporting them.

Because of you, we were able to do all this in the last year

Why support Black Dog Institute?

One in five Australians are affected by mental illness each year. Mental illness can be overwhelming, crippling and isolating.

Roughly 60% of people with a mental illness do not seek help.

Black Dog Institute has a vision of a mentally healthier world. We aim to significantly reduce mental illness and suicide, remove the stigma and empower all people to live the most mentally healthy life possible.

By being a mullet legend you are not only enabling people to talk about mental health, you are also turning ground-breaking research into life-saving action!


Check out our Impact Report for a full breakdown of how your support makes a difference.

Impact Report 2021

Impact Report 2021