Mullets For
Mental HealthTM

Black Dog Institute have developed mental health tools which can be accessed remotely by anyone experiencing mental health challenges during this time, including Australians undergoing physical isolation or quarantine. 

If you are looking for ways to look after your mental health, the below list of evidence-based tools and resources for you and your community with anxiety, stress and mental wellbeing to help settle the mind.

Resources for anxiety, stress & wellbeing

HeadGear is a free, easy-to-use smartphone app that guides you through a 30–day mental fitness challenge designed to build resilience and wellbeing and prevent things like depression and anxiety.


If you or someone you know might benefit from a mental health check-in, our Online Clinic is a free assessment tool developed by expert clinicians which can provide you with useful resources and a report you can discuss with your GP.   

Online Clinic

myCompass is designed to address symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression through personalised treatments delivered entirely online.


BITE BACK is an online positive psychology program aimed at improving the overall wellbeing and resilience of young Australians between 13 and 16 years old.


For more information on mental health and wellbeing, we have more clinical resources available on our website.

clinical resources