Mullets For
Mental HealthTM

Have fun at school in September supporting mental health research

With 75% of mental health problems emerging before the age of 25, we know that the years spent at school are critical in delivering prevention and intervention strategies.


'Last year I stumbled upon the Mullets for Mental Health campaign. We were looking at how we could create campaigns that could assist a variety of Mental Health issues. 

The whole school was supportive, with donations flowing in from students, teachers and community members. It was fantastic to have everybody on board getting behind such an important message  Yes, it was done through the prism of a horrendous mullet but it made it so much more accessible and relevant, especially for this younger generation'

- M Bowman, Teacher and Mullet Legend

FREE Mental Health Resources for your students 

Our evidence-informed school resources, presentations and programs have been developed to help young Australians grow into resilient and mentally healthy adults. Here are just some that you may want to integrate into your classroom whether that be physically or if you are home learning.

BITE BACK is Black Dog Institute’s FREE, self-guided online wellbeing and resilience program for young people aged 13–16 years old. Evidence shows that using BITE BACK can decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety and increase wellbeing. 

BITE BACK Mental Fitness Challenge

If you are looking for ways to look after your mental health, the below list of evidence-based tools and resources for you and your community with anxiety, stress and mental wellbeing to help settle the mind.

School Presentations

Download a Mental Health Resources Pack

  • Mental health self-help brochure  
  • COVID-19 resources for schools, parents & young people

  • Posters 

Mental Health Rescources Pack

Need some ideas of how to incorporate Mullets For Mental Health into your school?

Here are some physical and virtual examples

Mullets For Mental Health at school

If you'd like to show you're all ears and know more about how your school can support Mullets For Mental Health campaign, please contact us: