We are SO excited to see our players return to the field, but not having our Raiders fans with us in person is going to take some getting used to. We love to see you give your support at the games by filling the stands for our Raiders. So we are asking you to show up again this season, just a little differently.

Mental Health is more important than ever, and together we can help Black Dog Institute make a difference. Donate the cost of your ticket to the game, or the cost of the pie and chips you would have bought at the game. You can even share that you’ve donated and get everyone on board!

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Hot Chips and Pie - $15 

Help promote help-seeking for mental health in your community.


 Donate your ticket - $30 

Educate your health professional to recognise signs of mental illness.


Round of cans for your mates - $50

Help an expert develop new mental health treatments and tools.


Hot choccys and a coffee - $12

Reduce the stigma of mental illness through education and training.


How your donation supports mental health

By becoming a Mental Health MVP, you are improving the lives of people impacted by social isolation, mental illness and suicide.

Doing this helps Black Dog Institute make mental health tools remotely accessible across Australia for anyone experiencing mental health challenges during this time, including Australians experiencing physical isolation.

Your fundraising can help save lives through: 

  • Matthew just donated $31.20
  • Iva just donated $31.20
  • Catherine just donated $31.20
  • Kirrin just donated $31.20
  • Katrina just donated $15.60
  • Jeff just donated $30
  • Tasman just donated $12.48
  • Anna just donated $12.48

Please note, ticket prices, types and the concept of 'Donating a Ticket' are for illustrative purposes only. You will not receive any goods, services or material benefits in return for your donation. All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.