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Since its inception in 2006 the Zoo2Zoo has grown from a single 3 day ride from Sydney to Dubbo, to now offering 6 great rides throughout the year;

Melbourne2Canberra (Saturday 5th March - Thursday 10th March 2022);

Canberra2Dubbo (Friday 11th March - Sunday 13th March 2022);

Newcastle2Dubbo - in loving memory of Joan Richardson (Friday 22nd April - Sunday 24th April 2022);

Canberra2Mogo (Saturday 10th September - Sunday 11th September 2022) - optional day on Friday 9th around Canberra;

Sydney2Dubbo (Thursday 13th October - Sunday 16th October 2022).

You can find out more about the ride routes and register for the ride here.

Come and ride with us in this year's Zoo2Zoo in support of life-saving research. The events will raise much needed funds for Black Dog Institute.

Black Dog Institute's research shows that exercise has many benefits for physical and mental health. Just running for 15 minutes a day or walking for an hour has been shown to reduce the risk of major depression by 26%.

We are riding because 1 in 5 of us will experience symptoms of mental illness in any given year. In Australia that’s around 5 million people. Roughly 60% of these people won’t seek help.

  • Peter Bradbury just donated $50
  • Stacey Cross just donated $21
  • Gary Collins just donated $26.25
  • Ben M Wood just donated $250
  • Pat Clifford just donated $262.50
  • Iain Reid just donated $52.50
  • Helen Lindner just donated $105
  • Kate Dowsett just donated $52.50
  • Ali + Guy just donated $105
  • TIM MCCOSKER just donated $105
  • Eric Williams just donated $105
  • Carolyn Soddy just donated $52.50
  • Samantha Nash just donated $52.50
  • Chris Mills just donated $52.50
  • Lyn just donated $52.50
  • Cass Thompson just donated $52.50
  • Paul & Teneale just donated $52.50
  • TDM Growth Partners just donated $262.50
  • Amy just donated $30
  • Jo Lees just donated $52.50

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