Iris @ BDI

Kokoda 2023

☑️I've danced in a 10 kg duck suit at Bondi Beach for work.

☑️I've driven a food relief van into outback Australia for work.

And come November 2023...

 I'll be airdropped into Papua New Guinean jungle to trek the 150 km Kokoda Track for work?!


From 9th November, I'll be trekking Kokoda in solidarity with a passionate crew of Black Dog Institute supporters - all with a personal connection to the cause and a shared commitment to better mental health for all Australians.

Please support me in raising vital funds for Black Dog Institute's life-saving mental health programs 🐶🧡

Every dollar of your donation will help Black Dog Institute to research the causes of mental ill health, and transform this research into real-world solutions for those in need. We're talking innovative treatments for depression and anxiety, suicide prevention initiatives that save lives, and free mental health resources for anyone who needs them.

I've only been given 2 months to transform myself from couch potato to bush-bashing dynamo. So any donation (or survival tactics!) you can spare would be so gratefully received as encouragement! 🤩🤩🤩

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Alison Lam

Welcome back to civilization


Iris @ Bdi

I'm donating again post-trek with gratitude for all my friends, family and colleagues who have supported me 🤩💖


Evan Jackson


Fran Poisson

Very proud of you Iris!


Laura Glendinning

You’re amazing Iris, congratulations!


Juliet Shoebridge

Congratulations Iris!


Steve Salgo


Ben Lai

From mum and Dad in Mauritius, good luck!


Andrew Turner

Yo go Iris!


Samit Pradhan

Best wishes Iris!



Godson and God daughter are rootin’ for ya!! Go K-Marrrrr!!!


Maria Twigg

Wow! This is amazing! Wishing you good lunch and dry feet.


Gladys Chee

What an adventure! For such a good cause! Good on you Iris!





You are so brave!! Be safe BDI buddy xx


Li Quan



Caroline Wong



You've got this Iris 💪



Don’t forget to pack your clarinet!


Timothy Brighton

good luck Iris


Muriel Mallet Grygo

Be fit, be brave, be safe!!! We will all be thinking of you in the next tracking days :)


Michael Goorevich

Good on you Iris, what a remarkable event and for such a good cause. Thank you.



Good luck.


Nerida Gill

Go IRIS. You are a Superstar so this tough walk will not faze you. Go well go safely! Nerida


Kate Barnard

Oh Iris, you are a beautiful ray of sunshine on this earth and you make it such a better place, in so many ways. All the very best on this amazing adventure ahead X x


Jenny Armas

🎶 Did you ever knooow that you're my heeerrroooo 🎶


Sarah Mayes

"Onward up many a frightening creek, though your arms may get sore and your sneakers may leak. Oh! The places you'll go!" Wishing you the best of luck my friend x


Christine B

Good luck Iris be safe. You are so brave.


Pascal Ah Lit

Excellent work Iris! Enjoy yr trek in PNG!


Samantha Rosenfels

Best of luck Iris!



Good luck with the training, wanna see some 6 packs when I get back :)


Lenny She

Gad speede churm. May Paddi Pallin n all his friends come thru 4 u~ I BELIEVE I CAN FLY/SOAR/RUN THRU OPEN DOOAR. Ur hi konscientiousnezz will transl8 2 gr8 suggsess & you’ll prove dem all ur NOT WEAKE. Remember J H and K R did it & no1 gots 2 kall Greenepeece on you. I noe you’ll giv it ur all & you’ll come back wit one amazeballs storee dat will linga 2 olde age~~ Meanwhile I w8 4 u wit mai kalendar notif 4 my brave adventuring neofrend 2 return.


Whit And Jeff

Best of luck on your travels, stay safe and come back with lots of stories!


Stella Sun

Good luck chum!



Go Iris!!! 🎊



Go Ivan! ❤️



Great to see you having a crack at such a challenging trek. Best of luck in your preparations ahead of the trip. Hope to see you alive and well on the other side for MSG Christmas dinner.


Phoebe Gu


Anya & Henry

All the best Ivan! Go go go!



Iris – you've always practiced what you've preached. Many a time I've witnessed you checking in on friends and colleagues, myself included, and our mental health and emotional wealth has prospered for it. Walk well friend!


Michelle Murray



In PNG did Iris Lam a noble trek decree; where on ardent paths she ran, that dark caverns of the mind, measureless to man, might be met with the sunlit sea.



Walk walk walk!


Douglas & Cathy Lam


Bianca Andreacchio

Good luck!



Great cause, Iris! Go get 'em!



Maybe stop working for such wild work places ;) CHAMPION IRIS!! You can absolutely do this.


Douglas Lam

Go, go, go


Michaela Windsor

You're a superstar, Iris!


Belinda Barnier

I am so proud of you 👏


Alison Lam

I wonder what Pokemon you're going to catch?


Guy Cuthbertson

Iris you are a true hero.


Kim Vanden Hengel

Iris, the fabulous desk buddy and all round talent! Go you good thing 🥾🥾🥾


Christa Bayer

You are a legend Iris, good luck.


Henrietta Ardlie

You are an absolute LEGEND Iris!!! 👏🤩


Iris @ Bdi

Doing it for mental health!


Greg Eccleston

Congratulations on joining the trek Alexis. You are going to smash it.