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Thank you to everyone who took part in CEO Skydive for Mental Health 2022 and to everyone who supported them. A huge shout out to Skydive Australia for making it possible.

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CEO skydive for mental health

In autumn 2022, a team of CEOs skydived with Skydive Australia to fund life-saving mental health research and education.

78% of people in Australia reported worsening mental health over the past year. The pressures of recent events are having an impact on workplace mental health, and researchers are concerned about a related rise in symptoms of anxiety and depression.

A team of business leaders stepped up to help turn things around by skydiving to raise critical funds for research and programs that reduce the incidence of mental illness and suicide. 

CEO Skydive for Mental Health is free of charge, courtesy of Skydive Australia, with a set fundraising goal. We understand this can seem daunting for some, but rest assured we're here to help you to come as close to this target as you possibly can, achieve it and even exceed it; with lots of tips and tools along the way.  

Your skydive is driving real world change!

The funds raised through the CEO SkyDive will help reduce the incidence of suicide and mental illness. Black Dog Institute don’t just conduct research, we turn the insights we find into practical tools that are proven to make a difference.

Our team of educators also build mental health literacy in schools and communities, and educate health care professionals to know the signs and support people experiencing mental illness.

All of the money raised as part of the CEO Skydive goes directly to our work such as:

Workplace programs and services - Evidence-based programs designed to improve mental health at an individual, team, and organisational level.

Effective base for suicide prevention initiatives - Leading to better mental health outcomes for individuals at risk of suicide, their friends, families and the wider community.

BrighterSide app - Supporting adults experiencing suicidal ideation, using cognitive-behavioural therapy and dialectical behaviour therapy, as well as acceptance and positive psychology


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