Mullets For

Mental HealthTM 

Grow a mullet and raise funds for

mental health research


7,425 Mullets!

September was the month of the MULLET and you smashed it - THANK YOU!

Want to keeping on growing? You can do it here until end of December 2020

$3,433,918 raised 

  • Brian Lake just donated $20.80
  • Gary Fitzhardy just donated $26
  • Shannon Kellett just donated $20.80
  • Bridget Gard just donated $10
  • Beck Gordon just donated $31.20
  • Michael Jackson just donated $104
  • Duck to water just donated $10.40
  • Karen Hayne just donated $20.80
  • Anonymous just donated $5.20
  • Jessica Rarity just donated $52
  • Tegan Murphy just donated $50
  • Monique Howatt just donated $10.40
  • Mabel Pek just donated $30
  • Taryn Daly just donated $10.40
  • Sage Gould just donated $10
  • Jayne Bentivoglio just donated $260
  • Matt and Hamish Jackson and Murphy just donated $104
  • Rohan, Liz, Dom, Rory & Catherine just donated $104
  • Anonymous just donated $104
  • Alan and Cindy just donated $104

1. Sign Up

Sign up to Mullets For Mental Health to create and then personalise your very own unique fundraising page. 

2. Shape and Grow

Chop off the sides and let the back grow wild! Shape your glorious mullet and let it grow.

3. Support Mental Health

Spread the word and ask for support. Let everyone know you're growing a  magnificent mullet for mental health! 


Have you always wanted a mullet? Maybe you always wanted to try it but didn’t have the confidence to pull off such a majestic hairstyle, or maybe you have one already and want to see it bloom...

If so, then why not rock a mullet for mental health science!

Black Dog Institute’s Mullets For Mental Health is encouraging you to shape and grow your mullet for the month of September (and after if you so wish) to raise much needed funds for mental health research.

Suicide is the leading cause of death among Australians aged 15-44, and 60% of Australians reporting symptoms of mental illness don’t seek help.

Your mullet will help us drive real change through ground breaking research into the early detection, prevention and treatment of common mental health disorders.

It couldn’t be easier – Register to create your unique mullet fundraising page and share with your friends and family asking them to dig deep for mental health research. Then  shape in the top and sides into your favourite mullet style.