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Mental illness affects 1 in 5 Australians every year, with the most common being depression and anxiety. Mental illness doesn’t discriminate. It affects people from all walks of life — individuals, families, workplaces and communities.

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My Updates

A Big Thankyou!

Tuesday 1st Dec
Just want to shout out to everyone who has kindly donated to this cause, you smashed my goal of $1200 and raised just under $1600, amazing thankyou!

The day of lifting was a perfect day, I lifted 9 for 9, no red lights and managed big personal bests in all my lifts with a total of 605kg which is something I only dreamed of getting in my first comp. It was a great fun day and I have an itch to get back out there again.

Thankyou again for all of your support!


The time has come

Thursday 26th Nov
First off thanks to everyone who has dipped into their pocket to help raise money for the Black Dog Institute it really means a lot.

Now that the training is over, I can honestly say this is the hardest training I have ever done. I've trained for a marathon, multiple trail running events where running isn't natural for me whereas lifting is more natural but the last 11 and a half weeks I had been questioning myself if I really could do this. Apparently it's normal in powerlifting to go to a pretty dark place, your mind play games with you and you definitely don't feel fresh every workout, in fact for the most part I was drained. An old injury creeped up which left me having a dead left arm for most weeks after my workouts which required a lot of physio and a new game plan to manage the pain but I plugged away. I made the promise to myself I would see this through.
46 total workouts and I missed only 1 due to my body crying for a rest.
It's comp week and I am now resting for Sunday, working on those injuries to hopefully keep me as fresh as can be for Sunday. 
45 lifters total on the day and I'm really going to be a small fish among sharks but at the end is me vs me but it will be great to share the platform with some great lifters so again, thanks for your support and I promise I'll give my best on Sunday for ya!


Wednesday 11th Nov


Wednesday 11th Nov

Home stretch

Wednesday 11th Nov
Thanks again for everyone who has supported me through this journey.
Its been a lot tougher than I expected, the training loads have been the hardest part and the load is coming down but the weight goes up so the last few weeks I've had to dig deep to keep going and this plays on my head but I'm chipping away.

My current stats for lifting:
Bench 120kg x 3
Squat 210kg x 1
Deadlift 207.5kg x 4

The weight will still increase over the next week then have a deload week til comp day.

If you are on Instagram, follow my journey @deanobloke_79

Big Thanks!

Friday 16th Oct
Just want to give a big shout out to those who have kindly donated. I understand times are tough so really appreciate your support.

I am about to reach the end of the first half of my programming, its been difficult trying to manage the load whilst doing life at the same time but am chipping away.

The competition is a simple Squat, Bench and Deadlift competition where I have 3 attempts on each lift to record my biggest lift for each. The 3 biggest lift on each will be combined to give me an overall 'total' and this is the goal I am aiming for.

Prior to starting this program I had a total of 600kg in mind but as time has gone on, I am learning more about the rules of lifting in competition. My squat needed to be a few inches lower to be able to record a successful squat and this has taken quite a few kg's off my squat so that elusive target may not come to fruition this time round so I'm pretty much at a stage of giving it my all and see where it ends up on the day.

Thanks again everyone, I start the home stretch next week, the weight starts to get a lot heavier from here on.


Friday 18th September

Friday 18th Sep
Light day today

Paused squats (3 secs) 4 x 8 @ 105kg
Flood press 4 x 8 @ 62.5kg
Bench 1 + 1/2reps 4 x 8 @ 62.5kg
Leg Press 280kg x 10
Weighted GHR extensions
5 x 1 minute plank
Reverse grip Lat Pull downs 3 x 10 @ 80kg
Bunch of ab stuff.

Wednesday 16th September

Friday 18th Sep
Bench 80kg 4 x 8 (3/2 sec pause)
Dumbell Incline 3 x 10 @ 25kg
Dumbell Bent over Row 3 x 10 @ 40kg
Seated shoulder press 3 x 10 @ 12.5kg each
Bent over barbell row 3 x 10 @ 70kg
Lat lock pull 3 x 10 @ 40kg
Hammer Curls 3 x 10 @ 15kg each
cable tricep crossovers 3 x 10 @ 30kg each

Monday 14th

Friday 18th Sep
Squat: 4 X 8 @145kg
Paused Deadlift: 4 X 8 @ 95kg
Single leg press tempo: 20 @ 20kg
Bulgarian Split Squat: 3 X 10 @ 25kg
Kettle Bell leg extension: 3 X 10 @ 12kg
Glute ham raise 3 X 10
Sitting calf raise 3 x 10 @ 50kg
barbell good mornings: 3 X 10 (bar only)

Bunch of ab stuff

Thank you to my Sponsors



Awesome work Dean 🙌🏼💪🏼


Pamela James

Great work Dean cheers Steve & Pam


Justin Murray

Good Luck mate, your an inspiration!




Craige Johnson


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Good luck mate. Lift heavy. You are doing an awesome thing.


Dean Ainsworth

In rememberance of those lost and to battle for those who are fighting.



Go get em big fella


John Pickford

D man keep doing what ya doing. fantastic effort 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻


Saraya Balfour

Get it big guy


Shane Rogers

Goodluck Deano Great work exposing issues


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bloody legend mate, and inspiration to us all. Goodrich with your lifts brother ill be cheering you on!


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Good luck on Sunday


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Good Luck Dean!


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Great work Dean!


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A great cause, go large!!!






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Go hard dean


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Good Luck Dean 👍


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Well done Deano, a great cause and awesome dedication!




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All the best for your challenge! Such a wonderful cause. Cheers


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more power to you Deano!


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