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Help me create a mentally healthier world

I'm standing up to join Team Black Dog to turn ground breaking research into life saving action.

I will be supporting Scott Evans and Pat Whelan as they cycle across Australia, leaving Perth of the 1 August arriving in Sydney on the 7 September, 2022. At the same time raising both awareness and funds in support of the Black Dog Institute.  

Mental illness affects 1 in 5 Australians every year, with the most common being depression and anxiety. Mental illness doesn’t discriminate. It affects people from all walks of life — individuals, families, workplaces and communities.

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My Updates

Day 43 Wollongong to Bondi Beach 99kms

Tuesday 13th Sep
The day (12/9) started out with both apprehension and excitement. Started off riding through Wollongong and its suburbs before climbing to Stanwell Tops, a tricky short climb steep in parts.  From Stanwell Tops the ride took a more scenic route through the Royal National Park before arriving at Sutherland.

From there the ride became interesting, negotiating the suburbs of Sydney and the traffic they bring. Arriving at Redfern and Alexandra the ride eased thanks to the local council and their traffic management plan making to ride to Centennial Park easy. After Centennial Park back into traffic as we got closer to Bondi Beach. We pressed on arriving at Bondi Beach where we were greeted by family and friends, a great way to celebrate the successful completion of the ride.

This adventure started on the 1st of August, 2022. We met people from all walks of life all with a story of mental illness affected either themselves, their family or friends, a humbly experience, which will stay with me forever. We travelled through towns with less than a couple of hundred people to cities with millions. Rode on road surfaces smooth to where it caused so much vibration it broke mountings on the bikes. Stayed in accommodation ranging from excellent to dodgy, but as a good friend said, "Comfortable bed, good food, what more do you want".  Encountered other road users driving anything from B Double to a tractor, I remarked 1 day "we only need to be passed by a horse and cart and we covered all forms of transport". Big shout all to the B Double drivers, they looked after us all the way across. On several occasions we did encounter a couple of knucklehead drivers (less than a handful), not bad considering the distance. Big shout to all the family and friends who supported us all the way across, it was great reading your comments and support every day.

Have no misunderstanding Pat and Scott rode across the continent of Australia. When you overlay a map of Australia over Europe and the US, this is a big effort.  Me as support I'm so proud of what they have achieved, they are great friends, whose friendship has only deepened.  The ride was a worthwhile life changing experience which will live with me forever. 

Would I do this again absolutely, are their other ride challenges ahead absolutely.

To all who donated to the Black Dog Institute I can't thank you enough.

Ride on and be safe


Day 42 Goulburn to Wollongong 151kms

Sunday 11th Sep
Days 40 and 41 were much needed rest days in Goulburn. Day 42 saw Pat and Scott on the penultimate day before arriving in Bondi. 

A steady pace was maintained through Bundanoon and onto Robertson. At Robertson the obligatory partaking of the local pastries before the decent of Macquarie Pass. 

The pass with the traffic posed a potential risk, once on the pass the traffic with Pat and Scott maintained the same pace arriving in Albion Park safely.  The rest of the ride was through the suburbs of Wollongong on the Princes Highway arriving at the Novatel Hotel for the night.

The ride has always been about the Black Dog Institute. Today like other days was no exception Firstly I was stopped by the President of the Moss Vale Mens Shed who related life with mental health issues and made a donation. The second was by a man who told me on this day 3 years ago his mate took his life, he saw the van and Pat and Scott this as an omen turned around and made a donation.

This has been truly an eye-opening experience.

Day 39 Harden to Goulburn 144kms

Thursday 8th Sep
During the night at Harden, it thunder stormed, the weather forecast predicted rain throughout the day. Up early cloudy but no rain, the mission now to get to Goulburn dry.  The pace was frantic one eye on the weather the other monitoring a northeasterly headwind. 

By mid-morning we passed through Yass, onward to Gunning for lunch.  If you are ever in Gunning the Merino Cafe is the place to eat.  

The final leg to Goulburn is familiar one the old Hume Highway. Pat and Scott rode over the Biscuit Bridge, the Cullerin Range, through Breadalbane before arriving at Goulburn. 

On the outskirts of Goulburn, we were met by the local Highway Patrol who escorted us to Belmore Park where we were met by family and friends to celebrated in our arrival where Scott and I live.  

All up a most satisfying day!

Day 38 Wagga Wagga to Harden 134kms

Wednesday 7th Sep
After a long day yesterday Pat and Scott set off for Harden. Unfortunately, they rode into a northeasterly headwind throughout the day. Tough going interrupted with a stopover at the Junee Licorice & Chocolate Factory, welcome break from the riding. 

in the afternoon the route took them through Cootamundra onto Harden arriving just 3pm.  Harden is where they commemorate the Light Horse with a memorial, it's worth a look.

Tomorrow Goulburn, considering we left on the 21st of July to go to Perth, can't wait to get home, never forgetting Bondi awaits to end of the ride

Day 37 Yackandandah to Wagga Wagga 163kms

Tuesday 6th Sep
Days 35 and 36 were Rest Days in Yackandandah, time recuperate for the push to Goulburn eventually Bondi.  It gave us time to explore what's on offer in Yackandandah and Beechworth, worthwhile layover.  We stayed in an AirBnB whose hostess Liz who looked after us making it a truly memorable experience. We meet probably one of the best bike mechanics in Beechworth, small shop in an arcade but don't let size fool you, his knowledge of bike mechanics was remarkable.

Day 37 saw Pat and Scott set off on a rail trail to get out of Yackandandah before getting back on the road to Wodonga, bypassing Albury, onto the Olympic Way to Wagga Wagga.  

Once on the Olympic Way the road is basically flat, nowhere to hide just turn the pedals.  The road is not as busy as the major highways, but the traffic was constant throughout the ride.

Since leaving Perth the ride has presented us with a myriad of personalities, today was no exception.  Towards the end of the day a B-Double pulled up, the driver got out, he related his connection to the Black Dog Institute and made a donation.  The truckies have been great he told us about other drivers warning him and others about 2 cyclist and a van following on the road. They all wave and it truly makes the road safer for what we are doing.

He was not the only person who has done this, it is a constant reminder of how mental illness affects so many people, and these are the ones who take the time to stop and talk. For me this is a humbling experience which will live with me forever, no doubt for Scott and Pat as well.  

Day 34 Mansfield to Yackandandah 165kms

Sunday 4th Sep
Long day on the bike. Pat and Scott woke up a temperature of-1 degree. On the bike just after 7.30am, soon after leaving Mansfield Scott and Pat were met with over 900 meters of climbing, before arriving in Whitfield around lunchtime. You can see from the photo how up it got.

From Whitfield on the route involved riding through the countryside at times on quiet backroads to busy local highways, due to the ski season.  The last part of the ride to Beechworth involved another steady climb.  At the end of the day over 1600 meters in elevation.

But it doesn't end there, there is a big cycling happening in Beechworth hence no accommodation. Just before dusk they rode to Yackandandah for the night. Tough day on the bike would be an understatement.  

It was also another day where cars would pull up alongside me, the passenger would wind the window and donate, incredible. Big thank you to everyone who has donated so far. 

Rest day tomorrow then 3 days of riding to reach home in Goulburn which we are all looking forward to, before heading to Bondi. 

There is still plenty of time folks if you haven't donated already, please do. Google 'Black Dog Institute Chris Bushell' click on DONATE. Thank you

Day 33 Broadford to Mansfield 143kms

Friday 2nd Sep
The day started off with a 20km ride from Broadford to Tallarook on the Hume Highway. At Tallarook they rode onto the 'Great Victorian Rail Trail', a completely off-road riding experience ending in Mansfield.  The rail trail is a gravel composite surface, with a tunnel, bridges both short and long. 

They arrived in Mansfield just after 5pm, both with a big smile on their face.  The distance may have been long but the experience unmeasurable. 

Day 32 Castlemaine to Broadford 129kms

Thursday 1st Sep
A little cooler day than yesterday when Pat and Scott set off from Castlemaine.  The route was a cross country ride via a number intertown highways before riding the last 25kms on the Hume Highway, to arrive at Broadford. They maintained a good pace throughout the day, 0with a series of hills with a couple of climbs averaging 8-10%. All up 1344 meters of climbing for the day.

Tomorrow Pat and Scott will head to Tallarook to ride the rail trail to Mansfield as they edge closer to New South Wales.

Day 31 Ararat to Castlemaine 140kms

Wednesday 31st Aug
Day 30 was a rest day, which turned out to be a good idea.  70ml of rain throughout the night, the day wasn't much better. It gave Pat and Scott a chance to rest their legs.

Day 31 started out cold with a frost, warming up mid-morning. Scenery was unreal, the wind was calm, combined with the serenity of a country road made for good riding. 

Days like this gives you time to reflect where we have come from to where we are now, knowing in just over a week will arrive in Bondi. In August we have travelled 3,470kms.

Pat and Scott maintained a steady pace arriving in Castlemaine mid-afternoon.  

Day 29 Hamilton to Ararat 111kms

Monday 29th Aug
After consulting the Bureau of Meteorology App it became apparent there was some serious weather was heading our way.  Considering the tailwinds experienced on the Nullarbor at some point the opposite was sure to occur. 
Today was such a day Scott and Pat set off from Hamilton only to encounter a 15-25kph headwind throughout the ride.  Perseverance paid off arriving in Ararat around 2pm. It thunder stormed shortly after that

The road between Hamilton to Ararat provides a spectacular view of the Grampians Mountain Range a worthwhile distraction which captures your attention throughout the ride. 

Pat being American has experienced magpie swooping the last 2 days, not impressed.

Day 28 Penola to Hamilton 128kms

Sunday 28th Aug
The morning was cool, just right riding. Pat recovered and was eager to get back on the bike. Both he and Scott set off at 18kms down the road they crossed into Victoria.  Marking a milestone of having traversed across 2 states to get there. Big achievement!

The countryside between Penola and Hamilton is lush and green from recent rain and made for a welcome distraction while counting down kilometers on the bike. At Casterton midway of the ride a couple of good climbs made the ride more interesting. Untroubled they pressed on keeping up a steady pace arriving in Hamilton midafternoon.

The ride is edging closer to Bondi Beach, there is still time if you wish to donate, google Black Dog Institute Chris Bushell, my page will appear click on donate, thank you.

Day 27 Keith to Penola 158kms

Saturday 27th Aug
Different start to the day. Pat didn't feel well and opted to ride in the van, this meant Scott rode solo for the day.  No doubt Pat will be back on the bike tomorrow.

Considering the cool weather, cross and headwinds as the road turned in various directions along the 158km journey to Penola, this was a seriously good ride on the part of Scott (4hrs 17mins). 

Tomorrow we say goodbye to South Australia crossing into Victoria. As of yesterday there are 14 days left before we arrive at Bondi Beach

Day 26 Tailem Bend to Keith 131kms

Friday 26th Aug
This is the main highway from Adelaide to Melbourne, one way each way.  The shoulder is rough aggregate. 

The day started out foggy, the traffic for most of the day was steady, meaning Scott and Pat had to ride on the shoulder. That rough that the bracket holding the GoPro on the handlebars of Scott's bike broke due to the vibration.  

Meaning most of the ride Pat and Scott experienced the same vibration.  No complaining they rode on finishing early in the afternoon.  

Day 25 Adelaide to Tailem Bend 116kms

Thursday 25th Aug
Days 23 and 24 were rest days. A well earned rest for Scott and Pat. 

Day 25 started off in the usual format, rain. Undaunted they climb out of Adelaide into the hills before arriving at Handorf. The rain subsided making the remainder of the ride a stroll through the countryside before arriving in Tailem Bend via a punt across the Murray River.

We are staying tonight in the River Bend Motel, our gracious host Carolyn Wilson kindly donating to the Black Dog Institute, big thank you much appreciated.

I'm in the photo or part of me is

Day 22 Snowtown to Adelaide 147kms

Monday 22nd Aug
Up early for the push to Adelaide.  The road shoulder varied from good to none which made interesting riding for Scott and Pat. A short stop over for the obligatory carbo loading at the Port Wakefield bakery they pressed on.

As they approached Adelaide the weather turned at the 40kms mark, it rained hard, making the riding interesting in tricky conditions.  

Overall most of the other road users have been onside moving over as they approach both the van and Pat and Scott, which I am truly grateful. Thank you

Day 21 Port Augusta to Snowtown 161kms

Sunday 21st Aug
We left Port Augusta in fog, undeterred Scott and Pat pressed on. As the morning unfolded so did the traffic becoming an endless line of car, semis and caravans.  A meter wide shoulder made riding interesting.

After a long day arriving in Snowtown midafternoon. We gained lodgings at the pub. Good accommodation, the publican girlfriend did the cooking and the feed was excellent.  

Settled the bill whereupon they locked the pub and headed to Adelaide leaving us to out devices in the pub. 

Tomorrow Adelaide

Day 20 Rest Day Port Augusta

Saturday 20th Aug
A well-deserved rest day was had by all.  Daily routine on ride days up around 6am, cereal and toast, dressed and on the road.  

Today up around 8am decision was to head to a cafe for breakfast in this case Mamma Lous on the Port Augusta Railway Station, a good feed. 

At this time the masses were gathering for the Pitchi Ritchi Railway which is a heritage steam railway ride. See the photos on the webpage. All up a relaxing day, before the push to Adelaide.

If you haven't donated already and you wish to, get on Google type in Black Dog Institute Chris Bushell.  The webpage will come up with the donate icon.  

Big thanks to everyone for the support


Day 19 Kimba to Port Augusta 153km

Friday 19th Aug
The skies cleared overnight, greeting Scott and Pat with a chilly morning ride. The halfway mark is celebrated with a giant galah. 

Having stopped for the obligatory photo op, they were met by people fascinated in what we are doing. Once explained there is a genuine interest and support on their part and often a donation, which makes the ride worthwhile.

Today was a good day ride with a good tailwind,. About 25kms from Port Augusta the A1 meets the highway from Whyalla which made for interesting riding into Port Augusta. Again with the van and Pat and Scott mindful of the traffic this part of the ride was well handled

Day 18 Minnipa to Kimba 144kms

Friday 19th Aug
After hardy breakfast provided by our host Fiona, Pat and Scott set off for Kimba regarded as the halfway point when crossing Australia. 

At the 80km mark the ride changed and the rain came down, heavy at first eased off but remained for the final 64kms. Cold and wet they pressed on making it to Kimba.  

We appear to have become known as we travel toward our end goal, on a number of occasions Pat, Scott or myself are stopped in the street only to be told we saw you on Nullarbor. It's a good feeling when you hear this.

Day 17 Smoky Bay to Minnipa 154kms

Wednesday 17th Aug
35kph winds greeted Pat and Scott before they started riding. The terrain made the winds cross/head/or tail. Starting from Smoky Bay the terrain dictated the wind direction for 100kms. Eventually leading them back to the highway A1 and Minnipa.  Tough day on the bike 

Day 16 Ceduna to Smoky Bay 43kms

Tuesday 16th Aug
Today was meant to be a Rest Day except all the accommodation in Ceduna was booked a year in advanced by the SA Variety Bash. Nearest available accommodation being Smoky Bay. 

After an easy ride to Ceduna 43kms this morning, Pat and Scott took no time in conducting a bit of bike maintenance, before the next push to Adelaide.    

Day 15 Nundaroo to Ceduna 152kms

Monday 15th Aug
The Nullarbor starts in the west at Norseman in Western Australia, culminating at Ceduna, South Australia approximately 1205kms in length.  

Today was the last day of the Nullarbor, Pat and Scott set off early at 4 degrees with a south-to-south westerly cross-tailwind. The wind remained all day helping one minute hindering the next. They pressed on setting a good pace arriving mid-afternoon.  

Since starting the ride they have become stronger each day encountering varying road and weather conditions, some good some bad, at all times without complaint.  But this is only part all be it a big part with more than half of the ride yet to be completed

Day 14 Nullarbor Roadhouse to Nundroo Roadhouse 144kms

Sunday 14th Aug
After a big day yesterday, Scott and Pat set off on another leg of the ride across Australia. Shorter nevertheless just has hard, they were greeted with a 5degree temp with open flat terrain to start the ride off.  

As they rode the wind freshened as a north westerly cross headwind. At the same time road became a series of short sharp hills with intermittent flat road sections. Undaunted they pressed on making good time to the next stop Nundroo Roadhouse on appearance not flash. 

As Scott said it gives us a bed, food and a hot shower, which has to be said met those requirements pretty well.

Day 13 Eucla to Nullarbor Road House 198kms

Saturday 13th Aug
Day 12 was a Rest Day in Eucla. A well-earned rest was earned by all, especially Scott and Pat.

Day 13 saw us leave Western Austalia since the ride started on the 1st of August.  A long day of riding for both of them, So far the road in South Australia compared to the roads in Western Australia are not flash. Single lane in both direction with no shoulder makes riding interesting.  

Again the truckies are great giving the Pat and Scott a wide berth when passing.  On a number of times passengers in passing vehicles were seen taking videos of Pat and Scott. 

When you stop in rest areas or roadhouses they will approach us and ask where we are heading, you tell them Bondi Beach, they shake theirs head or say your mad.  Once you tell them we are raising money for Black Dog Institute their support turns to a 100% and often they will donate.  

Day 11 Madura to Eucla 184kms

Thursday 11th Aug
Downhill from Madura flat in the middle ending uphill to Eucla, greeted both Scott and Pat. 

The tailwinds carried over from yesterday resulting in both posting a great ride time (6hours 13minutes). Have no misunderstanding they still have to turn the pedals. 

The flatter part of the ride is a former seabed, the shoulder of the road is covered with bleached seashells from ancient times. Surrounding the road is low lying scrub which has been the same for the last 3 days. Occasionally we have spotted the odd kangaroos and camels

Day 10 Caiguna to Madura 157kms

Thursday 11th Aug
A good day (10/8) for both Pat and Scott on the bike, aided by strong tailwind they made good time to Caiguna. Inside the last 10kms feeling strong both took turns to try and to outsprint the other. Mind you this is after 4hours 52mintues on the bike. 

The Nullarbor is devoid of any regular mobile phone service (3G) and internet service is non existent hence the late post. 

Day 9 Balladonia to Caiguna 182kms

Tuesday 9th Aug
Big day Scott and Pat which involved riding 'Australia Longest Straight Road' 146.6kms. Helped by a good tailwind they made good time to Caiguna. Part of the roadway is widened as a landing strip for the Flying Doctor. Incredible to think how far the Flying Doctor reaches.

It's incredible you are in a vast open country, when there no traffic or stopped there is serene peacefulness. 

So far on the Nullarbor we have been greeted by a people young and old eager to find out what we are doing, explain the Black Dog Institution conection some will donate or just praise you and wish you all the best. 

If you haven't donated already, I thank you if you have, please donate to a worthwhile cause

Day 8 Midway from Norseman to Balladonia 90kms

Monday 8th Aug
After a less than restful night Pat and Scott headed off to Balladonia. The road predominantly straight with a series of hills followed by sections of flat road. Get to the top of any hills and you can the road disappear into the horizon. Scott and Pat kept at it, setting a good pace arriving early afternoon at Balladonia

Since we have left Norseman we have been stopped motorists or their passengers eager to donate.  I cannot thank them enough for their support and generosity. 

Day 7 Norseman midway to Balladonia 111kms

Monday 8th Aug
Started out of Norseman on Sunday, the distance between Norseman to Balladonia is over 200kms. It was decided to ride to the halfway point and camp for the night. All good except  no modern connivences. A picture speaks a thousand words, cold, cramped, reminded me of the '3 Stooges' sleeping arrangements. Needless to say, camping will be limited.

Rest Day Norseman

Saturday 6th Aug
Rest day for Pat and Scott at Norseman WA before the big push across the Nullarbor. 

Norseman is a small town (population 562), with the essentials, pub, chemist and an IGA.  Since leaving Coolgardie there are a number of new mines in operation. The miners appear to live in demountable accommodation while working. 

Day 6 Coolgardie to Norseman 165kms

Friday 5th Aug
Another day on the bike, fresh start of 4 degrees greeted Scott and Pat, undaunted they were greeted by a gentle headwind which remained throughout the ride. Undeterred they pressed onto Norseman.  

Since starting the ride last Monday they have covered 769kms. Rest day tomorrow, then the ride across the Nullarbor begins.

Day 5 Southern Cross to Coolgardie 187kms

Thursday 4th Aug
On a day which started out at 5degree and remain chilly for most of the day. A long day on the bike for Scott and Pat who got out early to take advantage of tailwind which stayed most of the day.  Tailwind or not the pedals still have to be turned, the road is generally flat. Top effort in the part of both riders

Since the adventure I have received 2 roadside donations. Big thank you to both.  

Day 4 Merredin to Southern Cross 111kms

Wednesday 3rd Aug
The day started out aa a nice and sunny day. Just after lunch the weather turned cold with intermittent heavy rain with wind gusts. At 1 stage there was hail and steam coming off the road when it hit the warm surface. Undeterred Scott and Pat pressed on while trucks, wide loads, caravans passed.  All up a good day despite the weather. 

Day 3 Northam to Merredin 170kms

Tuesday 2nd Aug
Another long tough day on the bike for Scott and Pat with constant rain and windy condition.  They hung in there the thought of getting off the bike never crossed their minds

Big shout out to all the truckies who passed us, they get over to the centre line without fail making it safer for the riders as well as the follow van  

Day 2 Applecross to Northam 117.4kms

Monday 1st Aug
Scott and Pat started out in a deluge of rain which continued on off and on throughout the day. 

Getting out of Perth involving riding through a maze of bike paths before leaving Perth itself. There is one road out of the Great Eastern Highway, which is a busy road, so alternate route was found. This involved riding a series of backroads before arriving at Northam for the night.

A tough day but Scott and Pat hung in there. Please support Scott and Pat in their adventure by donating to the Blog Dog Institute. Thank you

(Internet connection at best is fragile, when the opportunity arises I'll post more photos) 

Day 1 'Perth to Sydney'

Sunday 31st Jul
So the adventure begins, today Scotty and Pat dipped their rear wheels of their bikes in the Indian Ocean at Cottesloe Beach to signify the start of an adventure ending at Bondi Beach in early September.  

The adventure is about raising the awareness of mental illness and funds to assist the Black Dog Institute in improving mental illness treatments. 

Please donate as Scotty and Pat undertake the epic adventure

The banner

Tuesday 12th Jul
This is the support vehicle for 2 riders (Scott Evans, Pat Whelan) who are cycling from Perth to Sydney raising awareness of and funds for the Black Dog Institute.
A big shout out to the person in the photo Tony Marks whose contribution in both raising awareness of the Black Dog Institute and the safety of the riders. Mate I cannot thank you enough.

Cycling across Australia (Perth to Sydney)

Wednesday 29th Jun
On the 1st of August this year I will be supporting Scott Evans and Pat Whalen as they cycle across Australia raising awareness and funds for the BlackDog Institute.

Thank you to my Sponsors


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Good cause, good luck


Vera Whelan


Darren Traynor

Enjoy the experience Chris. 20 year anniversary!


The Roses Cafe

A great cause!