Rohans Captivity

By Darren Chesterfield Join Me

Help me make it meaningful

I remember sitting with one of my best friends on my balcony, all the way back in 2016, trying to convince him about the potential of the underutilised space. He seemed really happy, but that was the last time I saw him. 

This garden is Rohans Captivity. 

All proceeds from this garden entry will be donated to the Black Dog Institute. 

Help me create a meaningful moment for mental health.

Please donate now. Thank you.


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Congratulations on your fund raising.


Wayne Kerr






Warwick & Judy


Jacqui Seal





Keisha Wilson

Rohan, wonderful company to have kept. Love your work Dags


Parveen Dhaliwal

Great work Darren and it’s been a pleasure meeting you and knowing that people with kind hearts still exist! Keep well!


Tiegan Rudd

This looks so great! A worthy cause too, I think about him every day.



Proud parents x and Julie x


Richard Head

Will donate more once house settles



What an inspiration. Well done!


Jessica Chesterfield


Christopher Carr


Bernadette Holland

Go Darren! :)


Liam Edgeworth

Good on you


Mary Ryan

Well done Darren and team for raising funds and awareness around mental health in this beautiful way.


Marton Kalocsay

Great Initiative Darren


Jane Nuchol




Julie-ann Watkins


Marc Lamont


Teresa Leigh

I hope you raise the amount you want