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Mental illness doesn’t discriminate – it affects 1 in 5 Australians every year with symptoms like depression and anxiety. The impact can be devastating, not only for those living with it, but for those around them.

That’s why I’m raising funds for the Black Dog Institute, to support crucial mental health research and support services that help Australians impacted by mental illness and suicide.

Help me create a meaningful moment for mental health, all for a great cause.

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Stairmaster challenge!

Thursday 5th Jan
Hello everyone! Welcome to my fund-raising page. This year I'm taking on a mighty challenge of completing 5 hours on the stairmaster machine at my local gym. 

By doing this I will be going live and talking about mental health with anyone who needs someone to listen. I will also be talking about my experience as someone who suffers from PTSD and Anxiety.

Unfortunately last year my partner and I both lost people we loved to the black dog in our work place's and, sadly know of many more who have been affected by it both inside and outside of work.

This year I really wanted to do my part to help in something I know all too much about.

You're certainly not alone! 

Thank you for your time and I cannot wait for you all to come on this journey with me

Thank you to my Sponsors


Georgia Hackett