Kaitlin’s Walk For Mental Health

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Help me make it meaningful

Mental health is surrounded by stigma. People believe it does not exist, as it is not visible as one’s physical health. I never completely understood this until I was faced with this myself. My loved ones pulled me out of the dark and I will forever be grateful. I am hoping raising awareness through this fundraiser may help me do the same to somebody else that is struggling like I was. On the 28th of May, I will be walking from Seacliff to Henley. I ask that you help me raise this prevalent issue by donating to my fundraiser. Thank you. 

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Love you so much


Mum And Das

Well done Kaitlin, love mum and dad xx


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So proud of you my girl x



Love the courage Kaitlin


Jenny Field

Good on you Kaitlyn


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Keep up your great work!




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Proud of you and love you!!


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We love you!! Thank you for being so awesome!