Matt Hill

I’m cycling across Australia to support Black Dog Institute

Things aren't always easy. Times can be tricky and just like now, it can get really tough. We need to look out for one another...

Mental illness affects 1 in 5 people every year, with depression and anxiety being the most common conditions. Team Black Dog turn groundbreaking research into life saving action.

Mental illness doesn’t discriminate. It affects people from all walks of life — individuals, families, workplaces and communities. If it doesn't affect you or your loved ones now, it may one day  

Please offer your support and give generously to the wonderful work of the Black Dog Institute. Do spread the word by kindly sharing this fundraising link.   

Your support will encourage me to keep going in the epic "INDIAN-PACIFIC WHEEL RACE" (IndiPac/ IPWR) starting in Perth on March 21st.

Single stage 5500km solo and unsupported cycle through the Nullarbor Plain, Adelaide hills, Melbourne, Canberra and back to Sydney.

Rider name "mattussio" on MAProgress

Instagram account "bulmers_no_ice"




My Updates

Black Dog thanks you :)

Friday 22nd May
Message of thanks today from team Black Dog. 
Funds are being put to good use.  

“In regards to the impact of corona virus, it’s never made it more important for Black Dog’s online health assessments and digital support tools like My Compass ( to be available. 
The funds raised will ensure Black Dog Institute can continue to raise awareness about mental health and the importance of seeking support. Around 65% of all Australians impacted by mental illness will not seek help. During this health crisis Black Dog Insitute has worked hard to provide anxiety support resources to the community”


Saturday 28th Mar

What a time this is…

Let me begin by saying how delighted I am to be a part of such great support for Black Dog Institute.

Right now, looking after one another couldn’t be of higher priority. We are, after all, in this together.

We face extraordinary, unprecedented strain and although this virus has taken a very firm grip, it won’t outmuscle our resolve.

For good reason of course, the landscape drastically changed with respect to restrictions on travel, and this time my Overlanding cycle was not to be.

I do plan to stick to my side of this deal and will keep you posted on future challenges on the bike as they come.

THANK YOU for your spirit of giving and generosity towards Black Dog Institute.

All the donations will certainly be put to great use.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Joseph Fayyad

Awesome! You are a great leader and role model, very proud to have you on our team.


Mick And Wendy

We know how hard you have trained towards this unbelievable challenge and will be with you in spirit all the way. So proud to sponsor you towards your goal for such an important cause. Good luck Matt. You will have many angels on your shoulder. Ride like the wind!


Peter Hill

Very sad for you that you were not able to continue having done so amazingly well. N, S, O and T's message says it all. Look forward to talking to you before long to get the full story. We couldn't be more proud of you. Dadx


Jim Barrett-lennard

Incredibly proud of you Matt !! Be safe and look forward to hearing all about it when you get home.


Katia Tallarico & Nicholas Plowman

Yoga-sthah Kuru Karmani... "Established in Being (meditate), Perform Action (ride!)"


Natalie & Wayne Richardson

All the Best Matt. What a Challenge you have given yourself. Hope you try and enjoy it, but the pain will be cruel. You are up to it.....🇦🇺⭐️🥇🤷‍♀️👑


Nick, Sav, Orly And Tilly

Cuz this was going to come through in stages. It's never going to be enough for what you are doing. No matter what has just happened you are an inspiration and totally awesome. I wish this covid wasn't getting in the way and completely gutted for you. I know it's likely no consolation but to have gotten to this stage and done a distance that already visible from space and on screen size map of the world is an extraordinary feat and I know you would have absolutely smashed it. Love and respect. Btw I'm really counting on this donation standing despite events so let me know if need to do anything to make that happen. Xxx


Jamie Hill

You do not, of course, have to be bonkers to take on such a challenge, but it probably helps! And what a great cause: best of luck and may the wind be always at your back!


Ianthe Pietersz

Enjoy the ride!




Steve Kazacos

Good to see you tracking well. Shame the race was cut short! Proud of your efforts.


Peter Hill

I hope this donation will be the first of many. Look after yourself.


Duncan & Jacinta

Matt, massive effort to prep for this, gutsy to stick with the plan despite the challenges and we were gutted you were forced to down tools. I'm sure you'll be back out there very soon and in the meantime, as you say, a cause that's even more important. Best, Duncan & Jacinta


Janice Dang

What a great cause, Matt - thank you for doing this, and all the best!


Mary & Jason South

Go go go my little bro! Wishing you loads of luck. So so proud of you and the crazy challenges you set yourself. Lots of love M&J xxx


Jerrold Abbertson

Best of luck champ, will be cheering you on from here!




Julie Buller

Well Done Matt👍!


Mary Fengels


Sarah Galea

Go you good man!! Epic journey ahead - you will totally smash it!! 💪🏼💪🏼


Anthony Farley

Good luck Mattie x big respect x


Rowena Crawford-phillips

Amazing Matt!!


Rachel Greene

Four wheels move your body but two wheels move your soul ! Good luck and safe riding, REG


Edward Hope

Good luck you beast!


Joanne Poulos

Good luck Matt! What a challenge and a great cause 👍



Good luck Matt!


Kate, Askandar, Zakir And Hani

Amazing , typically ambitious and slightly nuts challenge to be taking on darling cousin. Wouldn’t expect anything less. Look after yourself. Missing you! Xxx


Helen Edwards

Big virtual high five to you! Well done, in advance! Xx



Good luck! This sounds like a mad man adventure. Enjoy the quiet


Guy Dolton

Can’t imagine you’ll do anything but absolutely smash it. Remember if you sleep just slightly more than you did in the 2000’s you’ll be fine



You have set yourself an incredible challenge, Matt, for a good cause! We will keep an eye on your progress and hope to be able to cheer you on as you whizz past us along the banks of the Yarra! Avancez!


Steve Hacker

Good luck on this truly epic ride mate! Take care of yourself. Look forward to catching up when you're back.


Alexandra Harvey

A truly incredible and admirable feat. Ride like the wind Matt.


Steve Hill

Superhero status has already been achieved so no need to clear that bar again. We want you back safe!! Much love Uncle Dome, Tracy, Alex and Flynn


Ksenia & Nicholas Miller

Wonderful cause mate, we couldn’t be prouder! Cheers from Toronto.


Stuart Begg

This is a deposit mate - there'll be a cheque waiting for you at the Opera House steps. You're a bloody legend. I know how much you've put into getting to the start line, on top of a stressful job. You deserve two weeks of doing what you love to benefit those who are doing it tough. Inspirational. Chapeau, my friend.


Veronica Kingi

We're all cheering you on Matt! All the best V


Luke Browne

You’re an incredible human, Mattussio! Go get em’ mate


Ross, Bec, Harriet & Florence

Good luck Matt. Great cause.


Ben Furtick

Good luck Matt! I’m sure you’re going to crush it. Can’t wait to hear all about it once you make it to the end!


Cheria Ledward

What a Godson - stay safe


Emma Ryan

You’re a legend. Already smashed day one. Steam train mindset is working like a charm. So inspiring Matt, see you in Sydney


Diana Hill

Loads of luck all the way. Don't forget the sun tan lotion! Love you Mum xx


A Tale Of Two Errors

Try to stay on the bike this time round, coffee on me when you make it back bud.


Michael Holding

You are a crazy man, but the good crazy, I will have a beer in hand while you pass me on the street cheering you on.


Vanig K

Good luck Matt!


Victoria Stainton

Ride like the wind x


Georgie Young

Go you good thing! Will be dot watching with baited breath!!! Good luck, have fun! Xx


Marcus Clements

Good luck!


Sam Webb

Inspirational mate. Absolute legend


Russell West

So sorry your adventure has been cut short - we know you would have made the distance and achieved your goal! Lorrie & Russell


Tim Ridler

Unbelievable effort - all the best!


Paul Knight

Well done Matt. You are a legend!


Jeremy Hill

Sending you love and safe wishes for your epic journey and your great support for another much needed area of understanding and assistance xoxo


Tatiana Pettinato

Good luck Matt!


Caroline Ford

Best of luck on an epic ride!


Julie Kelly


Nick Theodossi

Well done Matt great cause


Beryl Arthur

Best wishes Matt for such a huge endurance test.


Mavis And Greg Wells

Go Matt What a challenge


Aneecer Saleeb

Wishing you all the best


Ed Rose

You're crazy in the best possible way! Best of luck with the adventure and hope to hear many crazy stories


Janet Hui

All the very Best. Happy Biking!


Arthur Tsirtsakis

Well done mate. Go hard!


Giles Silvester

Smash On!


Jono Boyd

Great cause Matt and awesome challenge. Enjoy. Jono


Harry Swinnerton

Mattttusio, Another amazing adventure, but also insanely long. Be careful, and enjoy the ride!



What an athlete and amazing human! See you on the other side, much love from Dan and Megs xxxx



All the best on your big adventure for such a great cause!


Marcia And Campbell

All the best in undertaking this incredible journey and raising money for an extremely worthwhile cause. What an amazing experience!


Serena Kynaston

Go Matt!! What an amazing challenge! Much love Xx


Nick Willetts

Monumental challenge!! There are not many who would or could take this on! Stay safe and keep the diesel topped up with fudge bars


Tim Marchant

Probably essential reading:


Vanessa Tran

Cycle safe!


Naveen Muttukuru

All the Best Matt


Lynette Mossenton

Stay safe and good luck Matt


Anastasia Grawe

⚡️⚡️🚵🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♂️🚵🏻🚴🏻‍♂️⚡️⚡️ GO MATT GO!!!! Good luck! You’re gonna smash it!!


Secret Fundraising Admirer



Dani, Noush And Jude Xxx

Go Mattie!!!! What an amazing feat.


Wendy Thompson

What a marathon, the very best of luck!


Thomas Erwin


Chris Sambrook

Best Wishes for a great cause! From where are you leaving in Perth?



Good on you Matt. Riding for a great cause