Vince Runs 42km for Mental Health

By Vince Erasmo

verso l'alto

Mental illness doesn’t discriminate – it affects 1 in 5 Australians every year with symptoms like depression and anxiety. The impact can be devastating, not only for those living with it, but for those around them.

Although I myself haven't had a big struggle with mental illness, I know for a fact that those I surround myself with, those closest to my heart and even you reading this right now may or may know someone that is fighting one of the toughest battles of their lives and I want to support you and them.

After battling crutches for a whole year, who knows when the next time I won't be able to walk again LMAO. So why wait for that moment and put my legs to good use and help make a change before it's too late.

On World Mental Health Day (Oct 10) I have decided to use my legs to run a solo 42km marathon and raise some funds for the Black Dog Institute - to support crucial mental health research and support services that help Australians impacted by mental illness and suicide.

So if you guys have some extra change to spare, whether it be big or small please feel free to drop a dolla or two... or more haha to help support those who are struggling with mental illness.

To those fighting the silent battles... YOU'RE NOT ALONE!

Cheers fam!

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Great work Vince! We loved the energy and all the crazy challenges performed on the day




Frederick Espineli

Good luck Vince!


Geoffrey Espineli


Honey Radhakrishnan



Proud of you big fella leshgo


Nikki Sadsad


Jed Reyes

Big respect to you for doing this bro now go gettemmm


Bernadine Banaag


Lara Puma


Jose Jurado

Nice to meet you


Kobby Agyei

Absolute legend for doing this bro, loved running with ya today! All the best.


Jorge Family

An amazing cause to support! We’re so proud of you Vince. All the best!


Nigel Santos

Thank you for suppporting such an important cause Vince! 👏🏾 Good luck! 😄



Great cause big fella proud of you!!


Trishia Deniele Barlahan


Joybelle Bernal

Goodluck and take care


Richard Rizk


Mary Ann Climacosa

Good luck! We love you! See you sion!


Jaylen & Chen

Proud of you! Keep it up brother!


Adam Clift


Andria Eberl


Fredrick Vicedo

Goodluck vince



Well done and for a great cause


Roderick Vicedo


Lance Coronel

X pls offer discount


Terry Kim


Jasmine Calisura

proud of u!!


Jason Noh



Judy Yoo



Proud of you.


Queenie Chen

great movement!