Mullets For

Mental Health 



Meet Black Dog Institute's mullet champions

Joshua Joyce 

Josh's work introduced new health regulations which meant he had to shave off his beard, so he decided to make the most of it by shaving off his beard, skullet and eyebrows to make a difference for Black Dog Institute. Josh raised over $5,700 for mental health!

"I had my mullet (skullet) for 8 years, I loved it. I was getting the front of my head shaved once a week just so it would look fresh all the time. Two years ago the hairdresser said I should get laser hair removal on the front of my head - so I did. I thought I’d have the skullet for the rest of my life. 

I always looked after my skullet. People thought it was a bad haircut so I always washed it and made it at least look nice for what people think is a bad haircut. I work at Mcarthur River Mines so I do fly in fly out work. My hair would get so dirty at work that I’d have to wash it three times a day. 

I found my fundraiser rewarding because I know what the Black Dog Institute does for people. They have helped out a few people I know. Mental health affects a lot of people on mine sites, being away from their family so much due to the fly in fly out nature of the job. So my fundraiser really meant a lot to me."

Michael O'Malley 

Michael is fundraising for Black Dog Institute to honour the memory of his friend, Tyson and help support others impacted by mental illness.

Michael acknowledges that with the impact of COVID-19 restrictions it's more important than ever to raise awareness about mental health and support one another.  He has been growing his mullet for a year and will let it go for Mullets for Mental Health at the end of September.

"While it’s become a part of me, the time has finally come to shave it all off in order to help raise money for the Black Dog Institute during a time when the battle against mental illness is becoming increasingly difficult," Michael said.

Santos GLNG Downstream Operations Team

Alex Totten and his team from Santos GLNG Downstream Operations are growing mullets for mates. 

"We thought what better way to get the conversation started than by travelling back in time to rock the ever popular mullet. 

It baffles me that men still feel the need to suppress their personal feelings about their own mental health.  I want mental health to be a normal conversation and not just something that's given attention one day a year. 

Being a member of a local football club personally, I have lost too many friends over the years. These were young men who struggled to seek help before it was too late. 

Santos GLNG (located on Curtis Island, Queensland) have been extremely supportive in our plight. Our Plant Manager Rohan Richardson has even agreed to grow a mullet.

Our fundraising goal was $1000, but we have decided to raise the bar after smashing that target within the first week.

We will continue to promote and support the message throughout our organisation for years to come.

I would love to join with Black Dog Institute's Mullets for Mental Health campaign this September and encourage as many willing participants as possible to grow a mullet for mental health. It is such a small price to pay to ensure the conversation many men find so difficult to have, continues to happen."