Baylee Harris

14 Days Your Way - Creative

lets fight this battle together! Help me raise awareness!!

#14daysyourway is Black Dog Institute's social connection challenge.

While many of us are heading indoors, it is important that we keep mentally and physically active while staying connected with our friends and family.

I've chosen to be creative over the next 14 days. Step up, stay connected and support mental health research! 

Mental health has always been a big topic in my life. Not only knowing others who struggle but going through it myself. With COVID-19 happening at the moment I know there are millions out there struggling right now especially with isolation. 

So I’m joining in on the fun and creative way to help others! 

I’m drawing a friend everyday for the next 14 days and uploading it onto Facebook. Shoot me a message if u wanna be one!!

Every dollar counts 💝

My Achievements

Selfie master - Upload your profile picture

Blog master - Update your story

Gone Viral - Share your page

Self Care - Self donation

Connection Hero - Receive a donation

Spread the word - Raise $250

Pantry Hero - Raise $500

You Got The Roll - Raise $1,000

Thank you to my Sponsors


Kirsty Robertson

Time to up your goal Bay!!!


Gail Hartmann

Hope u achieved your goal. We are very proud of you


Willow Thedoggy

Woof woof


Georgia Harris

So proud of you! What a great cause.


Keegan Harris


Baylee Harris