Joel Mcintyre

Help me create a mentally healthier world

G’Day People,

On the 12th of March 2020 a few lads and I will be doing a charity ride on postie bikes.
The trip will take up to 4 days starting from Dampier and finishing in coral bay.
The ride is to raise awareness for mental health and funds will go to the black dog institute.
I my self have seen hard times with mental health in my own family I would love to make more people aware there is all ways some one to lean on and talk to . 
So don’t be a tight arse join a good cause to raise awareness for those who need help

Thank you to my Sponsors


Mia Mcintyre

Very proud of you Joel!!!


Alexander Beaumont

Good stuff, enjoy the trek and Enjoy the rain ya flog x


Georgia Garstone

Proud of you all



Pop a wheelie!


Dale Stewart


Craig Plant

Hope you get Chaffe



Ride hard homie !





Harry Mitchell


Justin Leech

Good on ya mate


Blake Ryan

Well done mate, Great way to raise awareness about mental health and get funds for the cause! Stay safe Live to ride, ride to live


Campbell Corrigan


Scott Munday

On ya lads!


Sean Lofty Lennon

Great cause,hope you all have a great time


Bob Dowell

Do a skid!!


Christa Mcintyre


Rachel Green


Chris Jordan

Well done , I don't think posti bikes do skids but if it does do one .


Kerrie And Mike Garstone

Fantastic thing you guys are doing




Desmond Frew

Good form!


Ez Fitz

Great effort mate


Ben Poynter

Love ya work mate!


Aaron Dior


Hayley Mitchell


Jordan Bryant

Good job Joel! :)


Amy Fraser

Go you good thing :) Proud of you