Cut the hair

Help raise money for a good cause

Time to cut the Dreads, 
So let’s create some awareness around mental health!
I have struggled with mental health and felt alone at times, we are not alone! 
So let’s donate to a good cause 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Jackson Towers


Josh Allen


Daniel Kinslow

Get the razor. Take it to the skin!!


Grant James

Come join the baldies!


Mick Cannard


Mathew Pead

U got this


Kev Cox


Taylor Rawnsley

For a good cause you are a legend ✌👍


Coral Allen



Let me see them ears


James Harrison


Jasmine Labella



Samara Tedeschi

Making a difference one dread at a time 🤙🏼


Timmy Eisel

Well done mate, awesome cause ❤️


Jake Cannard

Beers are mandatory