The Long Way South

By Hannah James Join Me

A plan 2 years in the making

The National Trail, starting in Cooktown and ending in Healesville, is an epic trek that stretches over 5,000 kilometers though some of Australia’s most beautiful and rugged terrain. Hiking it solo will be challenging adventure that requires endurance, strength and mental toughness. And what better way to make this journey even more meaningful than by raising money for a worthy cause like the Black Dog Institute who are leaders in mental health support, treatment and research?


Black Dog Institute is a research facility that focuses on the prevention, treatment, and understanding of mental illness. With mental illness rates on the rise in Australia, the work of Black Dog Institute is more important than ever. By raising money for this organisation, I hope to help support this much needed research and raise awareness of mental health issues. 


The National Trail is a unique opportunity to challenge myself physically and mentally while exploring the beautiful Australian landscape. The trail spans across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and the Australian Capital Territory, passing through diverse terrain, including mountains, forests, and grasslands. Along the way, I’ll encounter uniquely Australian wildlife, historic sites with significance to both the pioneering European explorers and the First Nations peoples.


Since the creation of the National Trail, just over 60 people have registered and completed the trail from end-to-end. So far, no woman has completed it on foot solo; I plan to be the first. Not only that, but I have set the target to complete the journey in its entirety in 6 months.


By combining the challenge of hiking the National Trail with the goal of raising money for mental health, I want to create a powerful and meaningful experience. Not only will I be pushing myself to the physical and mental limits, but I will also be making a difference in the lives of those affected by mental illness. So why not embark on this incredible adventure with me and help support a great cause?

My Achievements

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Siobhan Kennedy

That's a phenomenal goal you've set yourself, good luck with that monstrous hike! You're an inspiration


Emma Cummings

Great stuff Hannah- huge effort for a worthy cause. Wishing you good weather and conditions for the rest of your trek.


Emma Brett


Julie Edwards

Fantastic achievement. You are truly an amazing woman. Sending love Julie and David Edwards.


Ken Barker

I met Hannah in the pub at Jaimisen 4 days to go to finish well done Hannah.



Bloody incredible work!!


Darren Barnes

Hi Hannah, Awesome effort. Thanks for letting us be a part of your welcoming party Cheers Ranger Darren 😁


Jo Stewart

Congratulations on an amazing effort!


Kerry Mark

What an incredible achievement… are so inspirational.


Jennifer Luty

Well done Hannah, you should be very proud of yourself as I know your family and friends are.



You are an amazing human! What you have achieved is nothing short of phenomenal, so much strength, tenacity and good decision making. You have raised much needed awareness around mental health and every dollar raise helps many more people. This expedition is a life changing adventure full of great memories you can carry for the rest of your life. The adventure doesn't stop here.


Ryan Maclay

Great work Han!


Laurie Saunders

Your grandmother was singing your praises so much but your task is real pioneer efforts.


Mark Sommerville


Julie Deretic

What an inspiration you are Hannah, I was so privileged to have met you and to hear about some of your stories. I wish you all the best.



You’re my hero 🦸‍♂️ 🥾💞


Evan Walters

Hopefully you didn't stumble like Elliott did on that one hike!


Phillip Williams


Barbara Rowell

So proud of my granddaughter. Wonderful achievement. Love Nana xx



It’s been such an inspiration watching you on your journey doing something so incredible! Way to go Hannah!


Geoff And Wendy Anna Bay

Amazing - keep on walking


Susan Larum

Well done Hannah. You go girl !


Ali S

Wow, amazing effort! Keep it up


Robert Hertogs

Toronto Trekkers. We passed on the GNW Newcastle I feel sure you will make it.


Sharn Rocco

Hannah, I have dreamed of walking the National Trail and am thrilled to hear you are making the dream come true, and for a cause close to my heart. May all your aspirations succeed!


Jane Gwalter


Helen Bryan

Great to meet you on the Great North Walk, looking very fit & healthy & happy. Really impressed with your challenge, go girl!!!


Bronwyn Sartori

It was wonderful to meet you today, Hannah and to walk with you a little while. What an inspiration you are!


Bailey Seamer

Go Han !! 💛💛


Paul Wynne

Great stuff


Karen Hosking

Go girl!!!!


Pete Lamb

Great work Hannah , you come from a great family and it’s no surprise that you’re doing great things , Bomber would be so proud


Mark Keehan

Great cause guys


Niamh Crowley


Kathleen C

Go Hannah. You’re awesome!




Greg Harm


Patricia Busch

You are truly amazing 🤩.


Barry And Ev

Lovely to meet you Hannah and listen to you about your interesting journey. All the best for your journey ahead and hoping the weather is kind for you.


Mike Watts

You're an inspiration Hannah !!! Looking forward to watching your amazing journey and hopefully catchup on a trail when your in Victoria.


Daniel H

Keep on keeping on! Go Hannah. This path is inspired. For all those that have ever found themselves in that place, Thank you.


Carmel Blackburn

So good, what an awesome adventure. Super inspiring!




Karl Siemsen

Great to have met you this afternoon at the Mungungo pub. Top effort.


Trent B



Don And Greta

Completely in awe of your courage and tenacity! Wishing you a safe and fulfilling journey. Don and Greta


Bruce Glover

Great work in walking the Trail and the total distance. Great cause


Tony Simmons

Nice to meet you today and all the best on your epic journey!



Great to meet you on Birriah country, Hannah. Best of luck from myself and Aunty Josie [-0-]


Kaylene & Steven Perissinotto

Well done, Hannah - what a fabulous effort for a very worthy cause.


Patrick And Bronwyn James

So very proud of you and grateful that there are people out there in the world like you. Love you xx


Edie Toff


Andrew & Judith Rushworth

We wish you good luck and look forward to following your journey 👍


Astute Financial

Great work


Aimee + Tyla Tamou

We are so so proud of you, Han! You are such a wonderful and warm light, and we are so inspired to follow your journey. Sending love, heart, and strength!


Laura Hutchinson

Go on ya good thing Love Nicole's friends paddy and Laura


Brad Ackermann

Very inspiring Han. You've got this!


Rosemary Lancaster

Well done - thanks from all of us who work hard on our emotional health. Cheers



Go off sis xx



I'm so proud of you, Han xx


Divya Podduturi


Tammy @shortyslittlesister

Good luck 😊😊



Good luck Hannah :)


Elly Ives


Robyn & Harry

Goodluck Hannah! Wishing you all the best and no blisters!



Smash it Hannah!


Aditi Garala

Proud of you!! Have a safe and successful journey!!




Aaron + Sienna

Go Hannah 🎉


Liam James

I am forever inspired and I awe of your tenacity and dedication. Love you lots and wishing you all the best on your journey.


Gabrielle James

Good luck! What an amazing journey! X


David Fishburn

Great work Han! What an amazing achievement already! Goodluck on your journey 👍🏼


Nick Wilson


Ashley James-wells

Good luck and love you so much


Jordan Hennell


Peter7 Jenny Larum

Very proud of you Han, you are amazing. Love Uncle Pete & Auntie Jen xx


Leonie Harradine

Go Hannah, wishing you a safe & successful trip xx



Go Han! So proud of you!


Tess Mcgoldrick

So proud of you !


Rachel Chen






Kobe Hales



Brody Smith


Duy V?

Duy Vu support your journey