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Mullets For Mental Health 2021

Much to the disgust of my girlfriend (and everybody else), I've decided to raise money for this brilliant cause and thus will be keeping the mullet going until the end of September. By doing this I'll be raising money and hopefully starting a few conversations that could help someone in a really dark place. 

1 in 5 of us will experience symptoms of mental illness in any given year. In Australia that’s around 5 million people. And roughly 60% of these people won’t seek help. (I used to be one of these people.)

Please donate and support my mullet and empower everyone in Australia to look after their mental health. 

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A worthy cause under any circumstances.


Ishbel Graham

I’m proud of you and your mullet growing abilities. Yes it’s filfthy but I’ll allow it for such a wonderful cause. Love you 💞💞


Erin King

Big love and respect for all you do for Ish and everyone around you ❤️❤️




Mylee Jones


Erin Casey

Happy to support a literal legend! Long live the mullet


Lotte Graham

Keep the mullets comin