Cameron’s Fundraiser for Mental health

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Help me make it meaningful

My journey with the black dog started at the age of eight.

I still remember the day clearly. My dad picking me up from school, sitting me down with mum and telling me something had happened to my older brother. At the time they told me I’d lost my 16 year brother in an accident. Later I learned the black dog had become too much of a frequent part of his life and he had decided to end his time with us.

That had more of an effect on me then I could have ever imagined it having.

At the age of 15 my own troubles started and that’s when I lost my first encounter with the black dog. I came back out the other side, waking up to my caring but panicked mother.

Later down the track, after having lost other friends to the same fight, I had the same fear and distaste for life come over me.

Between the age of 18 and 20 I had multiple attempts where I woke up in hospital and multiple attempts that effected my poor family as well.

It’s been ten years since my last attempt.

I have had ongoing struggles and encounters with the black dog since that last time.

I still remember that feeling of helplessness and the certainty that not being here was the best option.. for everyone.

My biggest wish, since then, is to be able to help as many other people understand the finality of that decision and that there are other options. There is always help there is always another option.

If I can even help at-least one other person get through a tough time like that, or even avoid them getting there… that would be a dream come true.

To lose someone to mental health related issues (even just going through it) is tougher than I could ever describe.

So if you can donate even a small amount to this fundraiser we can all raise awareness for all of the help that is out there now. 

No one has to go through this alone.

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