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Mullets For Mental Health 2021

Science. Compassion. Action

The back-of-head waterfall, more commonly referred to as a 'mullet', has become pretty prevalent over the last couple of years. 

You know what else is pretty prevalent? Individuals living day to day without the right mental health support or tools.

I'm lucky enough to get a peak behind the curtains in the mental health sector, and what I know is that a lot of good work is being done by a lot of good organisations. None more prevalent and necessary than the Black Dog Institute. 

Show your support by donating, joining our team or sharing my page to help tick that $ meter over. Because every bit raised goes toward creating better mental health resources, clinical care, tools, apps, and education, so the Black Dog Institute can continue to help Aussies who are just giving it their best.

My mullet isn't much right now, but I hope you will join me for the ride as the volume gets turned up and then shaped heading into September!

That's why this year, I'm all ears for Black Dog Institute's Mullets for Mental Health, and I hope you can be too!

Photo background by Tori Wise on Unsplash

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Thursday 8th Jul
If I can personally raise $1000 plus, then I will rock a skullet for the entirety of September. I haven't looked at my social calendar in making this call, I think I might have to attend a wedding in this time. If you wanna see this guy become a ratdog, then please go all in on this pledge and donate some dollars. 

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Mark Houston

Skullet! Skullet! Skillet!


Sophie Kilroy

Well done Deano, very worthy cause


Danielle Hall

Yea deanooooo


Georgie Brady



Glen Winder

It's a great cause but we also want to see the skullet!



Hats are optional??



Go Dean Go. Love you're doing this and can only imagine how fab you will look! No one's going to be looking at your naked knees with this hairdo.


Kendall Woodward



Nicole Scott


Josh Atkinson

$20 for business upfront & $30 for the party in the back


Nicola Livingstone

Long live the SKULLET


Mili Simic

Well done mate!


Dean Winder


Barbara Reid


Action Jackson

Dance Magic Dance!


Maree Kilroy

Can't wait to see your luscious skullet Deano.


Emily Cook

You’re a champ Dean! Thank you for sacrificing valuable ear/upper noggin warmth (and let’s be honest, a bit of dignity) for a great cause!



Well done mate - can't wait to see your bald head as white as your knees.



Love this for you! Can’t wait to watch the progress & cheer you on along the way ❤️ Your numba 1 Insta fan


Kate Quick

Go you good thing!


Rebecca Hoyle

Go Dollar Billz Can’t wait to see the Bowie Barnett


Lisa Harmer

Way to go, you Skullet-lover!


Lauren White

Please wear a hat around me. Love you



If anyone can pull off a Shullet, it’s you Dean :) Very proud of you, really important stuff especially in these tough times. Much love x