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14 Days Your Way - Creative

Project completed!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who supported my project fundraiser.
The costumed mannequin will shortly be going to her new home and the highest donor, who is a member of the theatre community .
The job losses in the arts community and the mental health issues that  this will cause are why I decided to do this fundraiser in the first place.
Stay strong everyone.
G xx

Day 14

My last day of the creative challenge is completed.
I set those sleeves in ( difficult!), then added more trim to the bodice and sleeve hems.
Then I added hand thread loops to allow for the back lacing. 
After sewing the bodice to the skirt she was finished! 
I hope you enjoyed following my little project. Thank you for your support and for the donations.
I will be contacting the highest sponsor tomorrow to see if they would like to keep the finished mannequin as a reward.
Gayle x.

Day 13

Day 13 and getting close to deadline now.
I have set in the sleeves and the bodice is almost there  with some more trim to add, and lace for the sleeves still to sew on.
Then it’s connecting the skirt.
Hope you like it!

Day 11-12

So I decided to have a weekend mostly- but I have done a little bit more work on the bodice. 
I am up to the neckline finish and then I shall set in the sleeves.
Thanks to my sponsors! 

Day 10

Progress continued on my tiny period costume today.
I made a calico toile to check the fit, then did the pattern alterations
and cut out the bodice.
It is tricky fitting this without being able to pin into the mannequin but I kept going! Tomorrow I will continue including setting in the sleeves into that tiny armhole! 
Thanks again to my sponsors.  G x

Day 9

Wow the days are slipping away, its day 9 already!
So it the daily progress report . Also a major announcement!. Although I have reached my target of $250 and more- I am going to try and up the anti. A prize!!!!!!

SO as a reward the highest single  sponsorship donation received by midnight on day 14 ( 19th May)  I will actually be giving them the finished costume and mannequin.In the event of a tie, I will draw names from a hat. 
If the sponsor would like it of course- no problem if they don't.
Wow the days are slipping away, its day 9 already!
So it is time for the daily progress report. 
The skirt is finished.
For the trim I used some piping from a past project, black tulle as a ruffle and this amazing metal  on net trim.

Super fiddly but fun.

Now it time to move onto the bodice! 
Please check out the photos at bottom of the page.

Day 8

This morning I finished the skirt hem and waist of the tiny costume.
I am playing with ideas for trim , but thinking of using some fine net ruffles with this metal embellished trim. 
Tomorrow I plan to finish the skirt , and then make a pattern for the wee  bodice.
Thanks for looking at this post and especially to my sponsors G x

Day 7

More progress today on my creative project .
Today I worked on finishing the underskirt and starting the outer skirt layer of the costume.
I am using this lovely gold brocade fabric, with a black net overlay for contrast and trims yet to come. And of course the hem and waist finishing.
I found it harder to drape this tiny skirt than a full scale version due to the scale. Patience is really needed here! 
Looking forward to moving onto the bodice in a few days I hope! 
G x

Day 6

The tiny stays are finished- and I removed the gold cord from the hem, as I thought it was too much! The lacing was super fiddly but has been achieved- yeah!
So I have made the underskirt now apart from the hem, so onwards and upwards now for the rest of the costume! 
Thanks so much again for your donations and support!! G xx

Day 5

Not a lot done on my project today , rest is sometimes helpful too.
But here are the fabrics I am planning on using to create the costume. Please check them out in the photos section.

Day 4 update

Today I have tacked some fine braid onto the hem of the stays prior to sewing on the machine tomorrow.
Gold is a bit fancy I know but  why not! 
More tomorrow........

Day 3

A big day making a super small thing. 
So progress has been made- albeit slowly.
Cable ties serving as boning, I have assembled the stays so far, but still need to finesse that hem and create some fine holes for the lacing. 
Not perfect but hey it stands up on its own and is a lovely round shape.
Hope you approve! 

Stays pattern ready!

So the pattern for the stays is done- tomorrow is the day to deal with trying to make a teeny set of stays. A challenge! 

Day 2

I just finished this chemise- which will be worn under the stays and the hoop petticoat.

For the fabric I used a vintage apron from my stash ,that was a little stained and too fragile too be worn . 

Now onto a pattern for the stays!

Day 1 update

Day 1- hoop petticoat  almost finished, next stage tomorrow is a teeny tiny  set of stays.

My Project

Over the next 14 days I will create an 18th Century style costume for this small fashion mannequin, using mostly fabrics from my fabric stash.
I hope you enjoy the process! 

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Beautiful work Gayle both with the costume and the fund raising.


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It’s a cause close to my heart too, Gayle. Thanks for your initiative with this Take care, you too! DAVID


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Well done Gayle! Creative minds never rest! Can’t wait to see your final costume!


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