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The Hope Challenge

Working to make the black dog stand in its white dog shadow

The Hope Challenge plans to do four things:
1. Pay respect to our friends living with mental health issues with a fun day the whole community can enjoy
2. Raise money for the Black Dog Institute for research into mental disorders
3. Raise awareness among the general public about mental health injuries
4. Hopefully show other sufferers the disease does not define them; they are still and always will be a loved and needed family member, friend and member of their own local community.

Our logo is designed to highlight point 4. The black dog is dwarfed by its white dog 'shadow'.  The Hope Challenge hopes all those living with a mental health issue come to realise that the injury they suffer is but one part of what makes them human. The white dog symbolises the support that is readily available from medical professionals to loved ones, family, friends and the wider community.

Always strive for Hope, that is the Challenge.

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