Mullets For Mental Health 2021

Help Me Help Others In Their Darkest Hours

Hi all, help me help others in the fight against Mental Health. We all know someone that has suffered from Mental Health and how devastating it can be on themselves and others around them. Let's band together and help fight this.

I have a strong passion for this and I would like to hit my 10k goal. With this I have decided to put some incentives to reach this amount

At 5k I will transform this majestic Mullet Into a Skullet (Wife is super excited) 

At the target of 10k, I will bid farewell to my luscious eyebrows and moustache.

Any donations big or small are very much appreciated. Lets help fight this together.

Love Gersch. 

I'm all ears for Black Dog Institute's Mullets for Mental Health. 

1 in 5 of us will experience symptoms of mental illness in any given year. In Australia that’s around 5 million people. And roughly 60% of these people won’t seek help.

For the month of September I will be sporting a mullet and raising funds to show support for mental health research.

Please donate and support my mullet and empower everyone in Australia to look after their mental health. 

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Mining & Mental Health - The Silent Killer

Saturday 31st Jul
My Mental Health Struggle

Late last year I had an incident where I made the wrong choice at work. I deviated from a designated walkway to look for my machine. I then proceeded to walk over a mound of dirt and ended up falling as I was decending. As I fell I fractured my fibula and tibula resulting in immense pain. I then had surgery getting pins and plates either side of my ankle so that I could become normal again.

After the surgery I had two months of being pretty well immobile. I couldn't do the things I wanted, I had to rely on my wife and friends to do things for me (which being a pretty independent person was extremely hard). My wife was swamped with work and tended to my every need.

I hated it, I felt useless, a pain and a burden. I could see that my wife was struggling and there was nothing I could do. Now I'm normally a very happy and joyful person. But through all these feelings I started to feel depressed and started getting angry with myself. I lost my appetite, didn't want to talk or do anything. I felt the black dog nipping at my heels, I felt myself spiralling into the abyss.

Luckily I had some very close friends and family that constantly kept in touch and helped me slowly come back to the person I once was.

I've never in my life felt this was and never want to again. I feel blessed that I had the support I had. But some people out there don't have this support.
I want to help those who may not see the light at the end of what can be a deep and dark tunnel.

#olympicdamsquad #mentalhealth #startthechat 

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