Our Brothers Keepers

We're all ears for Black Dog Institute's Mullets for Mental Health. 

1 in 5 of us will experience symptoms of mental illness in any given year. In Australia that’s around 5 million people. And roughly 60% of these people won’t seek help.

For the month of September we will be sporting mullets and raising funds to show support for mental health research.

Please donate and support our mullets and empower everyone in Australia to look after their mental health. 

Thank you to our Sponsors



Love the Birmingham’s


Steve & Deb

Keep talking to each other boys - or to us. We are here for you all if you ever need us 🖤


Tyson Anderson


Reid Brennick

I lost my grandad just after just after we lost Keanu to that exact same mongrel dog. And as someone who has stated that bastard in the eyes on multiple occasions this cause hits me everytime. Keanu would be proud of the man you are Nunny. He'd bag the shit outta ya for the mullet but still proud of you nonetheless mate. Stay strong 🖤


Kaz - Somedaisydoes

Mullets and Mineset - we can save lives x


Brandon Nunn


Jocelynne Pedersen


Alan Gubbay

Peace my bro👍


Sarah Holzheimer

Thank you for being real xoxox You’re an absolute legend! Mineset, all day, every day! Only thing more I can offer is a hug, a little cry and a beer with some ears to help everyone feel heard. Rock the mullet ✌🏻


Hayley Regan

He loved you Brandon and so do we❤️


Ellen Mahe


Sue Cairnes

Respect 💪🏽





Ellise Paraskeva


Kt Wilson

Proud of you mate. Minset represent 🖤✌ Can't wait to see you rocking a mullet!