Rebecca Pezzutti

14 Days Your Way

Mental Fitness through Crochet Art

#14DaysYourWay is Black Dog Institute's social connection challenge.

While many of us are heading indoors, it is important that we keep mentally and physically active while staying connected with our friends and family.

Mental Fitness is what it's all about and as someone who has experienced depression and recently lost my Dad to early onset dementia … I take all this brain stuff pretty seriously (just not in a serious way).  

I am a big advocate of using creativity to maintain mental fitness and so am super keen to engage in #14DaysYourWay by making and sharing an amineko or 'crochet cat'.  

Follow the work in progress and most importantly make a donation to my fundraising efforts.  As a bonus I will be offering my completed amineko as a prize to one lucky supporter (drawn randomly from those who donate to through my page)!

My Achievements

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Self Care - Self donation

Connection Hero - Receive a donation

Spread the word - Raise $250

Pantry Hero - Raise $500

You Got The Roll - Raise $1,000

Thank you to my Sponsors


Paul Spezza




Wendy Griffiths

You're a bloody legend and an inspiration. Love you to bits.


Lilian See


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Amineko 1

Ready Set Go!


Nicole Hartle


Kate Denning



Great cause


Sasha Davey


Cassandra Wills


Emma Bray


An-maree David

You are making more than an Amineko; you're making a difference! Well done Rebecca!


Kathryn Milczewski

Well done Rebecca!


Naazihah Jamal

Nice one, RP!


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Scott Macoun

Champion Rebecca, and the little guy is so cute too


Nicola Williams


Kerryn Sampson

A great cause!