Help me create a mentally healthier world

In March 2021 a few of the boys and I will be doing a charity ride on some pretty sweet postie bikes.

Starting from Dampier and finishing in coral bay. Again!! Was alot of fun

The ride is to raise awareness for mental health and funds will go to the black dog institute.

The industry I have worked in for the last 6+ years unfortunately is plagued by the black dog, also 2020 has been a rough year on everyone and talking with the boys after work over beers doesnt quite cut it for everyone. 

Jump on board, empty ya change jars, Rob ya kids every cent counts to helping somebody in need.

Last year $851 to my page, an as a group we raised $13809 on the team black dog page, 2021 is the year to smash that total

Thank you to my Sponsors


Muz Clitheroe

Yeah boi!!!!!!


Ranz Hinaki

Go hard or go home bro 💯😂 Ride safe out there everyone see ya when ya get back 🤙🏽


Luke Devos




Darlene Perry


Alex Wilson


Ellie Schifferli

Always a good cause


Kori Green

Enjoy brother!!!


Morgan Maclachlan

Great stuff bud!!


Carolyn Hogan

Proud of you Jake!