Chess Dickhart

Help me create a mentally healthier world

I'm standing up to join Team Black Dog to turn ground breaking research into life saving action.

Mental illness affects 1 in 5 Australians every year, with the most common being depression and anxiety. Mental illness doesn’t discriminate. It affects people from all walks of life — individuals, families, workplaces and communities.

Please donate today!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Murray Clitheroe

Yewwww super jealous I missed the ride. Neck a couple of chooks for me.


Victor Noll

Good luck myson


Stacey Crase

Happy to help such a great cause! You rock Chess!


Katie Dickhart

Zoom zoom and stay safe. Love ya work! xx


On Track Fabrication

Chess you are a bloody legend. Thanks for always spreading the work and making a difference 👍


Rachael Ginn

Good on you guys! Enjoy and stay safe 😄❤️


Craig Plant

You wide det bike veddy fas now my fwend okaaayyyy


Jared Martin

Rip up those letter boxes bro haha good on yas 👍



Well done leg